Date: 11/24/19 11:00 am
From: Stoddard Davenport <s_g_davenport...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] Boise Brant
If you haven't seen it yet, best to head that way before it's roadkill. I'm on a birding hiatus and wasn't even looking for it but it almost stepped out in front of my car as I was driving by just now.

Stoddard Davenport

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From: "Denise Hughes <deniseh449...> [ible]" <ible-noreply...>
Date: 11/24/19 11:56 AM (GMT-07:00)
To: IBLE <ible...>
Subject: [IBLE] Boise Brant

Kathy Lopez just refound the Brant.

She saw it while driving on capital blvd south across the bridge. On the median between north and south lanes.

Denise Hughes
Caldwell, Idaho

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