Date: 11/22/19 7:45 pm
From: Nancy Obryan <nancy.obryan...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Duck hunting at Ina & Loop (Pima Co)
When I was birding on the dirt road below the loop at Ina Road today around 1:20, a pickup drove down the dirt road. Three men with shot guns and camo got out. I asked them if they were allowed to hunt with guns there, and they said, "Yes." Then I asked what they were going after, and they said, "ducks." I had only seen five ducks there: a male Bufflehead and four Gadwalls.

Not long after that, I started walking my bike back to the loop. Before I reached the pavement, I heard three shots. All the raptors flew off (as well, I assume, any surviving ducks).

I continued biking and birding to Cortaro. When I came back to Ina, I saw a police car on the dirt road. I stopped and asked the Marana officer if hunting with guns was allowed there. He said that unfortunately it was. He had found the hunters and saw that their permits were in order. According to current Marana regulations, hunting is allowed in season in the washes as long as permits are obtained and it is conducted within a certain distance from houses and businesses. Apparently the Loop and major roads are not considered. I had no idea that hunting was allowed there.

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