Date: 11/21/19 1:48 pm
From: Jack Daynes <jackdaynes...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Memories of Arivaca

I'm working on a series of stories I call "Birding Destinations". I am
mostly interested in meeting new places (see signature-line at the bottom
of my post) or revisiting places that have satisfied my soul in the past.

In Arizona there are so many memorable places to spin yarns about. I don't
want to project the impression that I'm the ultimate authority on the
locations I've written about (or intend to write about). These are memories
of encounters that have rewarded me in the past. I'm especially fond of
"the road less travelled" such as the one linked below on *Arivaca*, though
sometimes the well-beaten path is thus for good reason (these places are

I hope you enjoy it,
-- Jack --
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