Date: 11/21/19 9:48 am
From: LARRY ARNOLD <larnold47...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: [IBLE] BLJA occurrence in Idaho

Being a data nerd, I had to peek at ebird bar charts for N, SE, and SW Idaho, 10 counties each area, and they appear interestingly / slightly different…

N – doesn’t look rare during Sept-Apr

SE – doesn’t look rare mid-Oct thru mid-Mar

SW – doesn’t look rare Oct-Nov, Dec-Jan, with a brief “rare” window during interface of Nov-Dec

Just for fun, eh?

Of corvids, we’ve had only STJA (once for two days) and BBMA (daily for peanuts) at our backyard feeders

AMCR flyby often, CORA rarely so

Boise River Greenbelt, SW 6.4


Alpha codes used herein are quick & easy to learn, consider them another field mark......... =)

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