Date: 11/20/19 10:39 am
From: Cliff and Lisa Weisse <cliffandlisa...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] Blue Jays
I haven't seen a Blue Jay yet this fall but I've had them in Island Park
a handful of times over the years. They seem to loosely associate with
Steller's Jay and I've even heard one with a group of Clark's
Nutcrackers. I've had them at feeders but also just randomly out in
coniferous forest. I'll keep my ears open...


On 11/20/19 10:50 AM, Diann Stone <dstoneak2id...> [ible] wrote:
> When I lived in the hills above Anchorage, AK the Steller's Jays loved
> unsalted peanuts in the shells. I would lay peanuts on the deck
> railing and watch the jays come for them. A Steller's Jay would choose
> a peanut to test supposedly for weight, set it down if not acceptable
> and try another. Quite often certain jays would test and choose up to
> three peanuts at a time held crosswise in the beak, then fly off to
> cache them somewhere and return for more. It was most entertaining to
> observe their behaviors in this choice of peanuts. The younger jays
> would just grab the first convenient peanut and go. I do miss the
> almost daily visits of those Steller's Jay's.
> Diann Stone  Boise
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> We have had 3 Blue Jays and 3 Steller’s Jays feeding in our yard
> for about a month now.  Haven’t ever seen them here either. Saw a
> couple Steller’s Jays up at the Box Canyon campground in Island
> Park this summer which was fun.  Interesting to see how the two
> species interact.  They seem to be together often.  The blue jays
> work over the hanging feeders gobbling up black oil sunflower
> seeds whole then flying off.  I am assuming they are caching them
> near by as they come back fairly quickly for another crop full.  I
> suppose this bodes well for having them spend the winter, they
> seem to have stored enough already for a month or two.  After
> storing a few rounds they get a seed and move up to a perch and
> crack it open just like a chickadee, then back for another.  The
> Steller’s Jays stay on the ground under the feeders.  None of them
> seem to understand what the whole peanuts I leave out are all
> about.  They don’t last long as the magpies sure know what they are.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on their favorite feeder foods. 
> The black oil seems to work well just wondering what else they
> might enjoy.  Fun seeing them.
> Dave Pace
> Idaho Falls
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> I have been seeing Blue Jays in my neighborhood now for at least a
> month and today I was taking pictures of one in my yard when it
> was joined by another and then another until I had six feeding in
> my front yard with others calling from the back yard. I looked
> that way only to see a Steller’s on my roof when it was joined by
> another and then another until there were four which joined the
> six Blue Jays in the front yard but not feeding with them.  I
> continued hearing other Blue Jays calling from behind my house. 
> It was pretty amazing.
> Steve Butterworth
> Idaho Falls

Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho

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