Date: 11/20/19 9:34 am
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Subject: Re: [IBLE] Blue Jays
We have had 3 Blue Jays and 3 Steller’s Jays feeding in our yard for about a month now. Haven’t ever seen them here either. Saw a couple Steller’s Jays up at the Box Canyon campground in Island Park this summer which was fun. Interesting to see how the two species interact.. They seem to be together often. The blue jays work over the hanging feeders gobbling up black oil sunflower seeds whole then flying off. I am assuming they are caching them near by as they come back fairly quickly for another crop full. I suppose this bodes well for having them spend the winter, they seem to have stored enough already for a month or two. After storing a few rounds they get a seed and move up to a perch and crack it open just like a chickadee, then back for another. The Steller’s Jays stay on the ground under the feeders. None of them seem to understand what the whole peanuts I leave out are all about. They don’t last long as the magpies sure know what they are.

Does anyone have any suggestions on their favorite feeder foods. The black oil seems to work well just wondering what else they might enjoy. Fun seeing them.

Dave Pace
Idaho Falls

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Subject: [IBLE] Blue Jays

I have been seeing Blue Jays in my neighborhood now for at least a month and today I was taking pictures of one in my yard when it was joined by another and then another until I had six feeding in my front yard with others calling from the back yard. I looked that way only to see a Steller’s on my roof when it was joined by another and then another until there were four which joined the six Blue Jays in the front yard but not feeding with them. I continued hearing other Blue Jays calling from behind my house. It was pretty amazing.

Steve Butterworth

Idaho Falls

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