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Me too.....

BTW here's the ebird record high count in Idaho, until today, eh?

267 [ | Blue Jay ] 8 [ | 7 Oct 2015 ]  [ | Frederick Erland ]


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Wow! Thanks for your post today. I'll be interested in more of your observations about the behaviors of the two types of Jay's when they are visible to each other.

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I have been seeing Blue Jays in my neighborhood now for at least a month and today I was taking pictures of one in my yard when it was joined by another and then another until I had six feeding in my front yard with others calling from the back yard. I looked that way only to see a Steller’s on my roof when it was joined by another and then another until there were four which joined the six Blue Jays in the front yard but not feeding with them. I continued hearing other Blue Jays calling from behind my house. It was pretty amazing.

Steve Butterworth

Idaho Falls

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