Date: 11/19/19 8:58 pm
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Either this is a strange fluke, or is the Blue Jay range expanding? Last winter, as I recall, there were rare reports of Blue Jays seen in Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, and Rigby, but almost always only a single bird. This year there are more reports of Blue Jays, and in multiples. Similar to what you’re seeing, over the past month or so our neighborhood (Cottonwood Hollow, Labelle, NE of Rigby) has been seeing multiple Blue Jays, and Steller’s Jays quite regularly. This week I’ve had 3 BJ and 4 Steller’s all at the same time.

Michael D. Hunter


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Subject: [IBLE] Blue Jays

I have been seeing Blue Jays in my neighborhood now for at least a month and today I was taking pictures of one in my yard when it was joined by another and then another until I had six feeding in my front yard with others calling from the back yard. I looked that way only to see a Steller’s on my roof when it was joined by another and then another until there were four which joined the six Blue Jays in the front yard but not feeding with them. I continued hearing other Blue Jays calling from behind my house. It was pretty amazing.

Steve Butterworth

Idaho Falls

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