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Your comment about a hearsay report reminds me of something a bit amusing. Several years ago a couple in Gleneden Beach insisted they were seeing a blue Cardinal in their yard, and did not much appreciate that I suggested (nicely, I thought) it was likely a Steller's Jay.

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Subject: [midvalleybirds] Eugene Blue Jay 11/16

A friend emailed us yesterday excited about seeing a Blue Jay along the
Willamette River in Eugene on Sat 11/16. She is not a birder but was with
someone from the North Carolina who was not impressed because they see them
all the time.

I asked for location details and this is what I got:

"Along the Willamette near the foot of W. Hillard off River Rd. We walked
downriver from there pretty slowly. It was on our right in some small
branches just a few feet from us!"

Hopefully that is helpful as a place to start looking.

Just to clarify, this is a hearsay reportJ


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