Date: 11/18/19 3:02 pm
From: Sandra Zarate <sanzar5...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: [IBLE] 3 Brant photos [3 Attachments]
Hi fellow birders,
I don’t often post but this morning from 11/18/19 aprx 8:30-11:30am a Brant was on the grassy field at ITD 3311 W. State St. Boise. We saw it on the field Behind the main building between the bridge design building and the sign shop building. At the back of the grassy field is an empty field with 2 small gravel piles on the edge. This is close to the Simplot white water area. Here r a few photos of the Brant. If I have misidentified it please let me know. It was/is with a flock of Canada geese. They did fly at about 11:30am but may be back tomorrow? Thx to my husband’s coworker Tony and also Tom M.
Sandra Zarate Boise

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