Date: 11/17/19 6:57 pm
From: Terry Hill <terrynjohn...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] “Dusk Patrol” Canada Geese count
I did a “dusk patrol” count this evening of Canada Geese from Bolsa Chica St. and Robinwood, one of the entries to my tract.  I have seen them taking off at dusk from the channel along Bolsa Chica St. or leaving the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, and heading in the direction of Huntington Central Park, most likely to spend the night on Huntington Lake.  Since it was so nice tonight, I decided it was a good evening to try for a count.  I got to the intersection and started my count at 5:01 and stayed for 28 minutes.  Immediately after I started, I saw some large flocks of the geese coming over.  I was able to count a group of 50 and do some estimating of them at first using that as a reference, then after it slowed, counting them individually as they flew over in smaller groups.  They came from a long way across the refuge and all heading in the same direction.  This evening, there seemed to be some geese in the channel (saw some fly in to the channel), but only a few left from there).  My total was 628 Canada Geese.  The only problem with that location is the noise from all the vehicle traffic going by on Bolsa Chica Street.
Terry Hill
Huntington Beach

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