Date: 11/17/19 4:22 pm
From: Erika Wilson <terika88...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Sierra Vista EOP--17 Nov 2019
Hi, birders,

Beautiful fall weather for the eleven people walking the Sierra Vista EOP
dikes, with visitors from Wisconsin and Alberta, Canada. The morning
yielded 71 species, plus two more recorded before dawn, giving a list of
73 for the day.

Top bird was an adult Snow Goose among the hundreds of ducks in the flooded
grass impoundments at Moson Road, the first goose of the season here. Among
the dozen species of ducks we picked out a female Canvasback, five
Ring-necked Ducks, and a Lesser Scaup. Most abundant were 200+ Am. Wigeon
and 80+ Gadwall. Both Virginia Rail and Sora were calling, but didn't show

Falcons were active, with a flyby Merlin, the usual Am. Kestrels, and a
Peregrine Falcon. This latter had obviously eaten quite recently, as we
could see its bulging crop as it sat atop a pole. It made only a
half-hearted, slow attack on a Green-winged Teal, then circled back to
perch and digest. The other interesting raptor behavior was watching a
Red-tailed Hawk eating a bullfrog. The hawk and its prey attracted a pair
of Common Ravens, which called and displayed their throat hackles. A bit
later another Red-tailed Hawk sailed in and called, but it didn't get any
scraps either.

Lingering birds included a single Barn Swallow foraging over the main
impoundments again this week, and two different Cassin's Kingbirds, one
showing well in the bright sun. Small flocks of Am. Pipits and Horned Larks
were working the steep rocky sides of the dikes. Sparrow numbers were low,
with just seven species and a number misses. The last bird added to the
list was a handsome Lark Sparrow as we walked back to our cars.

Cheers, Erika Wilson
Erika Wilson, Sierra Vista, AZ

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