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Subject: Re: [IBLE] Re: Late Report: YELLOW-BILLED LOON at Lake Chatcolet, Benewah County

sapsuckers on the brain, as in brain-drain? i love it =)

great bird Carl !!!

i've done that twice with YBLO, once in CO and once here in ID.... not expecting them so not looking very carefully.... other birders have to tell me that's what i'm looking at, not a strange looking COLO
so should i give up and go back to my alternate hobbies, e.g., bowling.loud? golf.frustration? ??? ;-)


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Subject: [IBLE] Re: Late Report: YELLOW-BILLED LOON at Lake Chatcolet, Benewah County

Apologies for the obvious typo ("yellow-bellied loon"??) in the text of my last post. I must have sapsuckers on the brain today!
Carl Lundblad
Moscow, ID

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To make a long story short, I photographed a YELLOW-BELLIED LOON near Rocky Point on Lake Chatcolet (Heyburn State Park in Benewah County) on November 2. I almost blew if off as a pale-billed look-alike Common Loon, but upon critically re-evaluating my photos in the past week I realized it was in fact a Yellow-billed (photos in eBird: [ | ] ). I'll be submitting my documentation to the IBRC.

Dave Griffin and I were back up there yesterday (Nov. 16) morning and saw one likely-continuing PACIFIC LOON and only 2-3 Common Loons. The whole area was pretty quiet.

Good Birding,

Carl Lundblad
Moscow, Idaho

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