Date: 11/17/19 10:25 am
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [obol] A-Sip Restaurant
News from the A-Sip Restaurant,

For the past weeks we have enjoyed the presence of an adult Cooper's
Hawk coming in to our deck-side restaurant here at Crooked River Ranch. 
Although we serve IBBB (Itty-Bitty-Brown-Birds) and LBJ's (Little Brown
Birds) as well as flickers and jays we have never actually SEEN this
adult accipiter catch anything but not for the lack of trying.  It seems
to come in on a schedule near 10:00 AM and rest on our power pole just
long enough to scan the feeders on our deck, then the surrounding
grounds.  Lucky for us/and them I have installed the best
'window-bonger' protection available so we have not lost any 'customers'
trying to escape the marauder. I installed this bird protection almost
20 years ago and though the little guys and gals bounce right off it
like playing on a trampoline I have not found a way to protect our
smaller windows and doors.

Other birds coming to our feeders at this time of the year include but
are not limited to

American Kestrel (and fly-overs by other raptors)

California Quail

Eurasian Collared-doves (it used to be all Mourning Doves but no more)

Common Raven

Steller's and Western Jays

American Robin

Townsend's Solitaire

Western and Mountain Bluebirds

Oregon Juncos

House and Cassin's Finches

American and Lesser Goldfinches

and House Sparrows (Dang!)

Don't forget to join us for the Winter Raptor Routes.

Kevin Smith

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