Date: 11/17/19 9:05 am
From: J. Acker <owler...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Northern Saw-whet Owl migration

Good Morning Tweeters,

I am going to concede that the fall migration of saw-whets is over for me.
Two nights ago the one bird I caught I had banded ten days previous. This
little fellow had gone from 69.4 grams to 80.2 grams, a 13.5% increase in
body mass.

This season was the best season I have had in terms of number of saw-whets
banded. I have banded 81 saw-whets and 3 barred owls in 28 nights since
September 26 when I started. 84% of the saw-whets that I caught were hatch
year birds, indicating that the breeding season was extremely productive for
them this year. This is the highest ratio I have experienced in the 14 years
that I have been monitoring saw-whets. I additionally had 2 foreign
recoveries, both from Rocky Point, BC. One was a hatch year bird, and the
other a third year bird. All three barred owls were HY birds, and this is
the highest number of barred owls I have banded in a saw-whet migration


J. Acker

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Bainbridge Island, WA

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