Date: 11/16/19 5:05 pm
From: Aaron Beerman <aaron.beerman...>
Subject: [obol] Pine Grosbeak - YES (McNeil Point - Clackamas Co. and Hood River Co.)
Today the weather improved and I decided to look for the Pine Grosbeak that was reported by Mary Ellen Collentine a couple of days ago. She had originally seen it below McNeil Point on the west side of Mt. Hood. I was fortunate and was able to relocate the bird shortly after arriving. The encounter was relatively brief. I heard it for several minutes calling loudly in the trees just south of the scree before it flew directly over and headed towards the little lakes up the trail. It appeared to be a female and likely the same bird previously reported. This sighting was within maybe 200-300 ft of where it sounds like Mary got the photos. I spent half an hour or so waiting to see if it would return. It didn’t, and I hiked around the lake area later without any luck. It’s been at this spot at least twice in the last three days so a decent chance it will stay in the area though.

45.39658, -121.73727

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