Date: 11/16/19 4:07 pm
From: 'Tom McCabe' <tmccabe9...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: [IBLE] A special day of birds
I figured it was going to be a good day for birding when I discovered a
Merlin in a neighbor's tree, overlooking my feeders. But then as I was
leaving with my bike, I noticed a Robin-sized bird in another neighbor's
tree, that turned out to be a Townsend's Solitaire. Neither are regulars in
my neighborhood.

Things settled down for a while after that, and I accumulated 27 birds along
my ride. That's when I heard the distinctive call of a White-breasted
Nuthatch, who hung around "honking" for a little while. I continued on to
Les Bois, picking up birds as I went.

Then, on my way back, I heard the call of a Cooper's Hawk, protesting about
something. I kept trying to get a look at the bird when I noticed a hulking
shape in the trees, and I realized the Cooper's was complaining about a
Great Horned Owl sitting low in a tree. That helped to explain why
Black-billed Magpies would be anywhere near a Cooper's.

So now I had 35 birds, but the treats kept coming. The next bird was a
Pacific Wren, hanging out in his winter quarters that Jay Carlisle pointed
out to me a number of years ago. He even came out to greet me. (Or was he
complaining about my presence?)

Of course, any time I get near a round number (like 40), my BADD (Birder's
Attention Deficit Disorder) kicks into high gear, and I quickly added a
Pied-billed Grebe, then an American Goldfinch and an American Coot. But by
then I'd seen most of the "usual suspects," and I was wondering what I could
do for #40.

That's when I saw the Greater White-fronted Goose, hanging out with a bunch
of Canada Geese at Esther Simplot. Forty birds, my Extreme Daily Allowance,
in November!

The icing on the cake was #41, a Lesser Goldfinch in my back yard. A truly
special day.

Tom McCabe, Boise

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