Date: 11/16/19 7:52 am
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] The Dawn Patrol
A crisp November morning,  six AM, and the emerging dawn slowly reveals a thousand Canada Geese beginning to stir from their overnight stay on Huntington Lake.  The growing light from the east signals the sun is soon coming and the soft honks, barks and calls are picking up. The mist rises off the water obscuring the full extent of the large flock across the lake. Shapes emerge and move slowly in small groups back and forth and then disappear back into the mask.   The occasional individual barks are now joined by more, morphing into a full warm up of the orchestra.  Suddenly a cacophony of noise, splashing water and honks bursts forth and the first flock erupts out of the water and is airborne, their strong wings beating out a buzz in unison as they pass right over you at thirty feet .   More orchestras ready, and then rally into position for departure.  Groups of ten, twenty, fifty blast out of the water, form their signature V's and head to the north.  Over the next thirty minutes, one thousand geese take flight giving an amazing display of nature in the annual fall classic.

You are Cleared for Departure!

Huntington Lake at Huntington Central Park

Enter HCP west side at Inlet off Edwards and park in lot near Kathy Maysarrive 6am ish.  show is mostly over by 7.     Continues thru November

Clark SnodgrassHuntington Beach CA

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