Date: 11/15/19 10:42 am
From: John Nelson <jnelson...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Eastern Point Western Kingbird, Lark Sparrow
I walked around the Eastern Point area of Gloucester from about 8:20 to
11:20 this morning. Highlights:

1 Ruddy Duck (Niles Pond)
25 Ring-necked Ducks (Niles Pond)
1 Great Blue Heron (NP)
3 American Coots (NP)
1 Western Kingbird (still at Ramparts Field, very active)
1 American Pipit (Brace Cove)
1 Horned Lark (BC)
2 Golden-crowned Kinglets (by Niles Pond)
1 Lark Sparrow (still along dike between NP and Brace Cove)
1 Fox Sparrow (in thicket behind BC)
1 Purple Finch (Ramparts Field)

Suzanne Sullivan and Sean Williams told me they'd seen a Western Tanager
moving through yards near Ramparts Field, but I couldn't locate it.

John Nelson

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