Date: 11/14/19 11:59 am
From: Mary Ellen Collentine <mary...>
Subject: [obol] female pine grosbeak on Mt Hood?
Hi all,

I could use some help with a bird id. I was hiking on Mt Hood yesterday and saw an unusual bird, one I have never seen before. I was around 5500 ft in elevation when I saw this bird. The bird let me take several photos and did not immediately fly away. I thought it was larger than a robin. The closest id I can attribute to the bird is female pine grosbeak. The bird had a yellowish head, gray chest, white wing bars, yellow at the base of the tail and an a substantial beak. Attached are a couple of photos. Could someone help with my id? First time posting to this group so not sure how the photos will come across. I was using an older iPhone, so resolution is not great. Thanks for your help.

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