Date: 11/13/19 2:01 pm
From: Lindsay Story <lsbirder...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] CEAZ possible Red-shouldered Hawk at Coon Bluff Rec Area
P.S. I should have made it clear the described cottonwoods are all off the
East trail. They are not across the river.
Lindsay Story
Mesa AZ

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 2:24 PM Lindsay Story <lsbirder...> wrote:

> Coon Bluff Rec Area north of Mesa AZ was gorgeous today. I birded 5
> hours, with much of my time following horse trails east of the main picnic
> area woods. Those who know me realize I am a visual birder, so
> vocalizations are not usually my thing. However, I heard what really
> sounded like a Red-shouldered Hawk off the east/upriver trail. The bird
> was doing that kee-aah sound that drops in pitch at the end. Frankly, this
> call always sounds like a hurt animal to me. I am posting so someone with
> better ears and better luck can at least watch for anything unusual. The
> call source was somewhere in that bundle of big cottonwoods set off the
> river a bit, across the sandy wash and just before the grassy climb up the
> embankment. These trees are about even with the 0.5 mile mark when headed
> upriver from the dirt fishing ramp that is in the NE corner of the main
> woods. If you take the first trail to the river when you first reach paved
> parking (i.e., by first bathroom), you run into what I call the dirt ramp.
> ...Tamarisk is turning golden all along the river, while purple blooms of
> verbena are underfoot. The east trail was my busiest area, with a pair of
> Belted Kingfishers cavorting, 3 Spotted Sandpipers bobbing, 2 Red-naped
> Sapsuckers making noise, and Northern Flickers flashing color in flight.
> Lot of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Yellow-rumped Warblers, a Wilson's Snipe,
> and more (34 species) kept me busy and happy.
> Lindsay Story
> Mesa AZ
> The eBird site for this location is Salt River--Coon Bluff Recreation
> Area. From Mesa AZ, take either Power Rd or Ellsworth/Usery Pass Rd
> north. The Coon Bluff entrance is on Bush Hwy between the two cited Mesa
> roads. It is about a mile west of the Bush Hwy/Usery Pass Rd/Goldfield Rec
> Area 4-way stop.
> You will need a Tonto Pass, national park pass, or the Senior Card version
> of the latter. Tonto day passes are sold at many Mesa grocery stores and
> gas stations. Watch for a white sandwich board saying "Tonto Pass Sold
> Here".

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