Date: 11/11/19 3:37 pm
From: Jean L <jaleonatti...>
Subject: Hummer correction - ANNA's
After reviewing the photos that Paul took, it appears that I might have an
immature male Anna's Hummingbird. Paul is sending photos to other experts
and we will give you a definitive shortly (I hope). This is all way beyond
my ability, so have called in the experts. The lighting during the
snowstorm was so bad.

Before you start revving your engines, please give us a little time to get
things figured out. I did race to the store and bought a heat deflector
and 100 watt bulb (and more sugar); I have that suspended near the feeder,
and the bird came in (almost flew under my armpit) and has been feeding
under the lamp. I am hopeful that will keep him alive tonight.

Unfortunately, I have to be gone most of tomorrow (teaching a beginners
bird class, ironic, heh?) and am trying to line up some house-sitters for
those who might want to come. Again just give me a little time to get some
planning done.

I am so excited I could wet my pants !!!!!

Jean Leonatti

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