Date: 11/11/19 3:27 pm
From: Matt Brady <podoces...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] eBirding restricted access sites
Hello all. As one of the Louisiana eBird reviewers, I have a good sense of
where people are birding in the state. When people who do not have explicit
permission to bird at sites that are clearly marked restricted access, such
as Richfield River Silt in Baton Rouge (,
it's really easy to catch these trespassers red-handed. Blatantly
trespassing is not only illegal, but it also gives the rest of us who abide
by the rules a bad name, and builds ill will between birders and
landowners, and among birders who do take the time to receive permission to
bird restricted access sites before every visit. Such incidents have
jeopardized access to at least two birding sites already. So, I can't make
this clear enough: don't bird restricted access sites without permission!
It really is that simple.

Matt Brady

Baton Rouge
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