Date: 11/11/19 10:16 am
From: Sandra Keller <000006b65d80f212-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] The Palmyra western flycatcher - pacific-slope!
The bird that Tom B. and Jim S. found Sat. was confirmed this morning
by David Weber and Tom Johnson.
Thank you!

With the massive cold front coming, I hope birders can get here soon.
Those that haven't seen yet.

It's that male positioning call that is distinctive. So I presume its a male
after all.

I still didnt manage a pic..... Maybe it will survive into Dec. Dec. bird!
Actually, it needs to move on soon I would think to have a chance at

It was refound this morning in the same general area as has been posted.

Good searching all!

Sandra Keller

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