Date: 11/11/19 1:19 am
From: Scott Kinzey <0000007977429723-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Pymatuning Lake Gulls and Loons
            I took a quick, non birding drive around Pymatuning Lake in Crawford County yesterday, Sunday.  There was a great showing of gulls along the causeway at first light.  Well over one thousand split between Bonaparte's and Ring-billed.  Many more are across other parts of the lake.  Someone with time would have had a good opportunity here.
          I was getting the impression that there was only a smaller number of Common Loons around.  I was wrong.  I went to the pull off on the Ohio Side by the old Duck-n- drake restaurant and looking back towards PA slowly scanning with my scope came up with 119 Common Loons.  Big counts of loons here in November are expected here now and the peak is probably coming.
          Would have been a good day to spend four or more hours in the park but I didn't have time.  There were seven Snow Buntings at the causeway.  Four Sandhill Cranes at the spillway and a light morph Rough-legged Hawk and eight more cranes at the Hartstown Project.
Scott Kinzey
Allegheny County

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