Date: 11/9/19 2:07 pm
From: justin streit <000000260acb25c4-dmarc-request...>
Subject: BL Kittiwake and 4 Pacific Loons at Lake Mead NRA, Clark County
Stopped by 33 Hole today at Lake Mead and was pretty quickly rewarded with 4! Pacific Loons all swimming together on the far side of the bay. Three of them left for a short period and then returned for Daniel and me and swam pretty much underneath us. All showed prominently barred backs of first year birds. Definitely the most I've ever seen in Nevada in one place.

Then as I was leaving (almost back to the parking lot), I noticed that the gulls were all getting excited about something and streaming off the sandbar towards the middle of the bay. As I scanned the group over the deepest water, one bird stood out as almost completely pale winged, with quick, choppy wingbeats. From a distance, I almost couldn't tell that it had any black in the primaries at all. Once I returned down to the lookout rock, Daniel and I were able to pick the bird out again and note the very reduced black primary tips and small, all yellow bill of the continuing adult Black-legged Kittiwake. The bird stayed out over open water and eventually landed out on the yellow arm/lift/crane/whatever it is on the floating dock far out in the bay.

Checklist for the day, including photos, located here:

Justin Streit
Las Vegas, Nevada
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