Date: 11/8/19 8:19 pm
From: Richard Leinen <rick.lumen...>
Subject: [obol] Mary's Peak Birds
I spent yesterday morning at Mary’s Peak looking for the birds that have been reported there lately.

I successfully found SNOW BUNTINGS, GRAY-CROWNED ROSY FINCHES, MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS and possibly AMERICAN PIPITS. There were two female Mountain Bluebirds frequenting the parking lot the whole morning. The Snow Buntings were at the summit. I found a single single Rosy Finch on the gravel road just before the large turn at the summit and a flock of from 6 - 8 along the same road about half way through the meadow.

There was a flock of about 10 birds flying over the meadow. I could not get a good look at them are they flew overhead as they were silhouetted against the sky. Based on their size and calls, I’m pretty sure they were American Pipets.

While I was thrilled to see these birds, there was very little bird activity. It took three trips to the summit to find the finches and buntings. I saw no birds the first walk up there. The second time I saw a Rosy Finch on the way down. The third time I saw the Snow Buntings at the summit. The flock of finches was on my way back to my car after the third climb to the summit. I guess the point is that it seemed at first that I wasn’t going to see any of the birds (except the bluebirds). It seemed dead. But patience and perseverance paid off.

Here's some pictures of the sightings:

Mountain Bluebirds -
Rosy Finch - <>
Snow Bunting - <>

While walking through some conifers, I recorded the following calls; <>. Its pretty faint, I had to turn my computer volume all the way up to hear it. I have no idea what it is, though I have been fooled by squirrels in the past. :-) If anyone recognizes it, let me know.



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