Date: 11/8/19 9:54 am
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Peregrine falcon . Easton, PA Northampton county
Howdy All,

While driving over the route 22 bridge from Easton to Phillipsburg I
noticed a raptor circling on the upstream side of the bridge. This is
the bridge over the Delaware river from PA into New Jersey.

This falcon circled without flapping and a few times had the hyper past
wing beat. I could see the mustache naked eye while driving over the
bridge. It would have been nice to pull over and watch this guy but this
would be difficult to do . This bird was only a little above eye level
for me.

It looked pretty dark . I primarily saw its dorsal view and would say
that this individual was a male.I am always curious if peregrines are
going to use Easton as a nesting territory. Last year I may have seen
one in this location but the look was not very good. Easton looks like
a likely spot for a peregrine territory with the two rivers, tall
buildings and small ridges.

Happy Birding,

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