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Subject: Re: Climbing Aster
The SC Native Plant Society sells this in their sales at Charles Towne Landing Park, $8/gallon pot – watch for the dates and plant lists at
Other Native Plant Societies will probably also have it at their sales…


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Date: Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 6:49 PM
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Subject: Orange-crowned yard bird in a Climbing Aster

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I enjoyed watching an Orange-crowned Warbler out my mother’s den window this afternoon in her suburban Charleston yard. It was foraging and getting good business in a large Climbing Aster growing up a tall wide trellis.

I highly recommend Aster carolinianus to improve one’s habitat. Not only is it gorgeous in flower, but they are great for pollinators, provide good cover (Baltimore Orioles and sparrows hang out in my mother’s each winter) and they provide seeds for sparrows and other birds. Last weekend an Eastern Phoebe was hawking skipper butterflies at the aster and Empids have graced it in previous years during fall migration.

In terms of sources, I think Woodlander’s in Aiken sells them and Roots and Shoots in Charleston does off and on.

Nathan Dias - Charleston, SC

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