Date: 11/8/19 4:42 am
From: Walker Christian <christian.icapadjuster...>
Subject: [texbirds] Nighthawks San Antonio
Hey there,

I had bad views of two nighthawks flying over my brothers place in San
Antonio last evening. They were a little low, but there was also a twenty
mile an hour north wind blowing through, so that probably affected their
flying behavior. It did look like the white primary bar was closer to the
tip of a more rounded wing, but again I had pretty bad looks. Of course
they were silent.

If this had been in the summer I would have had no problem calling them
Lesser Nighthawks, which call all summer and breed on the few flat gravel
roofs in the neighborhood.

But it’s November and honestly I’ve never seen a nighthawk this late in the
year. Anyone have any experience with status/distribution of these species
in the brush country this time of year??

Christian Walker
Irving, TX on the way to the beach
Christian Walker
512 431 2495

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