Date: 11/7/19 6:32 pm
From: Wade Snyder <dry_fly_fisherman1...>
Subject: Jefferson Co. Vesper Sparrows
I observed two Vesper Sparrows just before noon today at the USDA research site in Bardane. The white on the sides of the tails is what caught my attention. Photos were uploaded to checklist if interested.

Wade Snyder
Shenandoah Junction
Jefferson Co.

2217 Wiltshire Road, Kearneysville, West Virginia, US (39.356, -77.877), Jefferson, West Virginia, US
Nov 7, 2019 11:25 AM
Protocol: Incidental
1 species

Vesper Sparrow 2 As I was driving the two sparrows flew from the road into some nearby trees. The flash of white showing from the sides of the tails were the first signal of Vesper Sparrows. Closer inspection showed bright white eye rings and one of the birds had a pronounced rust colored shoulder patch.

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