Date: 11/7/19 5:03 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Right on time, Linn Co Burrowing Owl 11/7/19
I found a BURROWING OWL in a traditional area today, gratified that I found
what I was looking for, BUOW was my target bird

The tiny yellow eyed Owl seemed nervous with me driving by slowly, bobbing
up and down on its long legs. Don't stop where you see a Burrowing Owl, it
is very stressful when someone takes a picture or looks at them from that
close. Stop somewhere down the road if you want to stop

Over at the Philomath Ponds I saw Hendrik. His response to my feeling
conflicted about putting this on Obol was it is almost better to not say
anything and that is the same way I feel. I am saying something anyway,
because I trust the Obol community to behave. As I drove by at 5 mph the
second time an hour later the small ground Owl watched with giant yellow
eyes, and really looked cool. Most years there are a few or less of BUOW
that winter in Linn County. They use dry culverts under the road for a
burrow so if you go looking and see one right beside the road, give it some

Roy Gerig Salem OR, originally from rural Linn County

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