Date: 11/7/19 4:51 pm
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Subject: [ALBIRDS] White-crowned Pigeon still at Shell Mounds (Nov 7)
White-crowned Pigeon was back at the Shell Mounds today. I tried to post my list on ebird but ebird does not seem to be working today. I'll get it up with photos when it is active again.
I arrived at the Shell Mounds around 1045 and started my search by walking around the wooded edge of the mounds to north side of main shell mounds woodlot and along the fenced USDA property. Almost immediately, I spotted the White-crowned Pigeon on the wire between the Shell Mound woods and the fence. It sat in the open on the wire in the sun for a full 10 minutes before it flew down and into a small palm right next to me. There it was harassed by a mockingbird as it ate the small black fruits from the palm. It stayed in the palm for about 10 minutes until it seemed that the mockingbird harassment got to be too much and then flew into the Shell Mound woods and out of site. Berry Fleming arrived immediately (about 10 seconds) after the bird flew off and we could not relocate it over the next two hours. I got a note from Berry that it was at the drip later in the afternoon. If you want to try to see this bird, I would recommend arrive fairly early (around 9am) and watch the power lines and palms at the north edge of the property.

Before I had success with the W-C Pigeon, I looked for the Swainson’s Hawks around Benton Road in Baldwin County but had no success. Geoff Hill--Auburn
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