Date: 11/7/19 2:22 pm
From: Jay V Huner <jay.huner1...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Northern Wheatear // Gary Pontiff at Beauregard Regional Airport 11/7/19.
I was unable to make an eBird report so can't generate a link to my images. I have pasted below my LABIRD Facebook Page report and Matt's report to provide interested individual as to where the bird was hanging out.

I note that both Kirk Gardner and Katie Barnes have seen the bird since I left the area around 1:30 PM.

Jay Huner

Here are my half way decent images of the Northern Wheatear found this morning by Gary Pontiff at the Beauregard Regional Airport. He was joined by his son Matt, a very active birder. I cannot access eBird to make a report in order to make a report so I can link it to a Labird post. Beauregard Parish, Louisiana 11/7/19. Now, the airport manager is Mr. Sam Lack - <manager...> / 337 463-8250. Mr. Lack was receptive to birders coming to the site. But, they must report to the office! I suspect anyone inside the fence without permission will likely ensure that no one else will have access and those individuals may meet the local law enforcement authorities as they rightfully should for trespassing! How long will the bird hang around? Who knows? I can assure you that Matt's images were publication quality, not point and shoot quality.

Northern Wheatear at DeRidder airport right now

Edit: South side of airport, just beyond hangar on west side of road. Seen on the dumpster, along the maintenance shed, along the fence row behind the shed and on the bush hog.

Still here at 1130.

Edit edit: Found by Gary Pontiff

Edit edit edit: left bird at 1:30PM when it started to rain. Jay V. Huner<> has photos as well. Letís pretend my first photos of the bird donít exist (especially the one through binoculars)
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