Date: 11/7/19 10:04 am
From: Linda Fink <linda...>
Subject: [obol] yellow-bellied sapsucker Yamhill County
A male yellow-bellied sapsucker has been mewing all morning from apple
trees in our orchard. He is singularly uncooperative at having his photo
taken, but I tried:

I do believe this is the same bird that was here last February as a
juvenile. He's all grown up now and still mewing nonstop and staying on
the opposite side of trunks and branches from me. I have a bad cold and
am grumpy and got grumpier and probably got pneumonia from sitting on
the ground trying to get a photo of the blessed bird.

He is in our orchard, Fink Family Farm, near Grand Ronde Agency, SW
Yamhill County. If anyone wants to brave my grumpiness to see it, you
have to abide by my rules (except you can sit in a chair by our dam
instead of on the ground) but you may *not* chase this bird. Sit and
when you hear the mewing, look in that direction. Good luck.

Now I'm going to bed.

Linda Fink, SW Yamhill County

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