Date: 11/7/19 3:45 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Sparring Eagles
I was on 340 yesterday near Smith Road when I saw the two birds flying
in tandem and quite fast.  When they banked it was obvious what they
were.  Fortunately there was little traffic so I could watch them
without risking my life or someone elses.   Were they ever gorgeous! 
They were on one side and then crossed over the road where they finally
disappeared over a field.  This is the first time I've seen two fly like
that.  Don't know if they were two males or a pair that had a disagreement.

The day before on our evening dog walk I saw three Pileated Woodpeckers
within five minutes.  Two were flying together towards the west and
another one was heading towards the river.  Such great birds and so easy
to identify.

Talking advantage of another nice late afternoon we walked to the
Shenandoah.  Almost.  There were ten Buffleheads on the water.  So
beautiful on the bottle green water.  They looked so relaxed so we
stayed back and cut across the meadow to a vantage point right above the
falls so as not to flush them.

Bruni Haydl

Jefferson Co.
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