Date: 11/6/19 11:06 am
From: Kathleen Krall <krallfamily...>
Subject: [obol] TILLAMOOK EAST Raptor Run and Tropical Kingbirds
Wow! There were 80 red-tailed hawks yesterday on our 57 mile loop. The largest group by far (34) was on Olson Rd, where we also found 3 Rough-legged hawks.
One of the farmers driving by on Olson Rd stopped to talk, saying that just a day or two earlier she had counted 16 She had heard that PDX traps the hawks at the airport and releases them outside Tillamook. Does anyone know if that is true?

A friend who lives next to the Whiskey Creek fish hatchery in Netarts texted us that she had 3 Tropical Kingbirds, flycatching with a Black Phoebe, from the power line at her house. She sent a cell phone photo. At least one was vocalizing. By the time we finished our raptor run and got over there, they were gone. They have not been seen today.

Other sightings included Western Bluebirds at the end of the paved part of Eckloff Rd, and Western Meadowlarks at the airport.


80 Red-tailed Hawks
20 American Kestrels
9 Northen Harriers
3 Rough-legged Hawks
1 Red-shouldered Hawk
2 White-tailed Kites
1 Peregrine Falcon

Kathy and Mike Krall
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