Date: 11/6/19 8:27 am
From: Thomas Love <tlove...>
Subject: [obol] a murder of crows
Now that we're in a bit of down cycle in the annual movements of birds, I've been meaning to report an unusual matter.

AMERICAN CROW - about 10 days ago I witnessed something I've never seen before - a actual murder of crows in our neighborhood. While the crow population has been slowly growing here in our forested SW metro Portland neighborhood, now up to 15 or so birds, I've rarely seen them together beyond 2s or 3s, unless they're mobbing an owl or hawk. That morning all 15 or so of them were together on one person's front lawn, practically standing room only. They didn't seem to be feeding, and they had dispersed before I could get back to watch them more closely. A "funeral" perhaps?


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