Date: 11/5/19 5:41 pm
From: Terence Skelton <00000140e212e0d0-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] LSU and Arsenal Lakes 11/5/19
After working at Mid City Baton Rouge General, I drove over to the Arsenal Lakes around 2 pm.  Once I past the Governor's Mansion, I saw a great number of white pelicans on the bank of the lake, along with many white egrets, ibis, cormorants.  Also had a pied billed grebe in the area.
I then drove over to the Appeals Court and Poydras Building, and there, I found wood ducks and hooded mergansers.
I then went over to the LSU campus, and on the way, saw a flock of 20 white pelican fly over, but did not see any white pelicans in the LSU lakes.
However, I did have a lot of wood ducks on the LSU lake, as well as common gallinules and coots, pied billed grebes, great blue herons, white egrets, and cormorants.
It was a gorgeous day for a drive, and only sad that the sun went down before I got to the Bonnet Carre to see what was happening there.
So excited to see ducks!
Happy birding, y'all!
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