Date: 11/5/19 4:08 pm
From: Joette Borzik <pep4223...>
Subject: Jefferson County yard highlights
Late this morning, my backyard was teeming with life. A flock of about 40 Cedar Waxwings found the winterberries on one of my bushes. The waxwings were also bathing 7 or 8 at a time in the pond waterfalls, utilizing fallen leaves in the waterfalls to bathe on. They were using the wet leaves like big birdie washcloths.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler, 4 Chipping Sparrows, a group of 5 American Robins, Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Chickadees also joined in the water festivities. The Chipping Sparrows seemed a bit late for my yard, although about 8 years ago, I had one in my yard around Christmas.

Once the pool party was over, a Northern Flicker was on the tree which housed one of 3 owl nest boxes. We are currently housing a gray morph Eastern Screech-owl in that nest box, which has been there the last 3 days. Screechie popped its head out of the box and remained visible for about one hour. A few chickadees were also harrassing the sleepy owl during that time.

In the afternoon, Bruni stopped by, and we both saw 2 Dark-eyed Juncos in my backyard, which were new arrivals and first of the season for both of us. It's nice to have them back.

Jefferson County, WV
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