Date: 11/5/19 12:53 pm
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Gyrfalcon near the Larimer County Landfill on Trilby in sw Fort Collins (Larimer), 5 November 2019
Here are some grainy photos taken at quite a distance of the Gyrfalcon discovered recently by Robert and updated by Diane and Joe. I know Josh also refound this same individual. Is it the same bird Andy discovered in the landfill last winter? Tough to tell because it has undergone a molt or two. Doesn't look the same, but then go look at your high school yearbook photo.

I share these just to give folks hunting for it the right search image. Josh and I last saw it about 11:30 this morning flying over the landfill heading east of Taft and down out of sight (maybe to sit on one of those low posts straight east of the landfill entrance?). The tall poles w of Taft on the Trilby extension are still the best places to camp out and wait for it. Good luck.

[cid:fd3bf311-c367-4f82-9da9-42dc192684a3] [cid:e7cd6e0d-4f83-44ca-8ce5-9a92d9046865]

[cid:e4f095ce-8bed-487e-9f19-9380b5f8b538] [cid:6ba284ca-18d2-46f2-83e5-433041556ebe]

[cid:62651243-fcdf-42b8-b9f3-763956e0681b] [cid:04b04009-5efe-4ced-aecd-086a02b1b3cc]

Dave Leatherman
Fort Collins

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