Date: 11/5/19 9:00 am
From: Susan Treesh <sktreesh...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Great Swamp 11/4/2019 (Morris County) - new Robbins viewing platform
Jerseybirders, fall birds are arriving at the Great Swamp. Carole Hughes
and I found loads of sparrows, including one clay-colored, along White
Oak Trail, across from the Visitor Center.   Hooded mergansers were in
the pond next to the Pleasant Plains Bridge.  We also checked out the
new Chandler Robbins viewing platform, which has replaced the former
Friends Blind (in the Boardwalks and Blinds section).  There was a fair
diversity of waterfowl there, though not huge numbers.  Rusty blackbirds
were flitting and calling around the viewing platform, in excellent
light.  (This platform is ideal for photographers).  The platform is a
very, very nice addition to the Swamp's amenities.  It was always
difficult to see waterfowl spread over the open water adjacent to the
blind, and now birders have a fairly good overview of most of it.  The
multi-level platform itself is well-positioned and attractive.  There is
a handicap-accessible boardwalk the entire length of the trail leading
to it. Carole mentioned that it would probably be an excellent twilight
walk in warmer weather - rails, woodcocks, owls, etc.

I also want to note that there will be a limited hunting "week" coming
up NOVEMBER 6-9.  It appears this Boardwalk and Blinds area will be open
but you are supposed to wear orange, but the rest of the public areas
are open to automobiles only - no pedestrian access - starting tomorrow.

Susan Treesh

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