Date: 11/5/19 6:13 am
From: Shilo McDonald <shilocm...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] American Tree Sparrow, Middleton, 11/4/19
Good Morning,Yesterday, I started my day birding at Eastern Point, where I took pictures (and an audio recording) of the Western Kingbird. A life bird! Then, I drove over to Plum Island, where I not so patiently waited for a Northern Shrike to come closer to my camera. Eventually it did. A life bird! And to finish, I birded the North Shore Community Garden in Middleton, where I got some metza metza photos of an American Tree Sparrow. Not a life bird. But, a great way to rusty cap the day. :-)
Along the way, I bumped into Ava Steenstrup (stop 1), Andy Sandford (stop 2) and Warren Tatro (stop 3). All of whom were a help at getting me on the birds. Thank you!
NS Community Garden checklist with Photos and an Audio File:

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North Shore Community Garden, Middleton, Essex, Massachusetts, US
Nov 4, 2019 1:15 PM - 3:12 PM
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Checklist Comments:    Warren Tatro was already here, when I arrived. So we birded together for a little while. He gave me some good field marks to keep my eyes out for; like the rusty undertail feathers of a Bohemian Waxwing. Not a common bird for our area, but still a visitor from time to time. And easy to overlook, when you only casually glance at Cedar Waxwings. Good advice. Thanks Warren!
22 species

Cackling Goose  1    I know very little about migrating geese. When they pull over for a bite to eat, how long do they stay? I ask, because I do not believe this is the same Cackling Goose I found here 2 1/2 weeks ago. So, I've either found a second Cackling Goose. Or this isn't a Cackling Goose at all? So, take a look at the photo. And you decide.
Canada Goose  99    Some of these Canada Geese are very small. So much so, I wonder if Canada x Cackling hybrids exist? Because if so? We may have a few of them in this flock.
Mourning Dove  2
Ring-billed Gull  10    Foraging the cut corn field.
Herring Gull  15    Always strange to see "seagulls" foraging a cut corn field.
Turkey Vulture  2    Soaring by on dihedral wings.
Red-tailed Hawk  3    Likely family unit. Following some scream calls, the three converged in the air. Almost as if they were checking in with each other. And then, they went their separate ways. See photos.
Downy Woodpecker  1    Found on a tree near the pond. Photographed.
Blue Jay  2    Heard only.
American Crow  11    Two groups seemed to be communicating to each other.
Black-capped Chickadee  3    Seen and heard. Chickadee dee dee.
Carolina Wren  1    Heard only.
European Starling  2    Seen and heard.
Northern Mockingbird  1    Singing. First thing I heard when I exited the car. Coming from the far garden corner, close to the road.
American Robin  27    Photographed. And audio recorded.
House Sparrow  0    So weird. First time here without spotting a House Sparrow. Wonder if I'm starting to filter them out? :-)
House Finch  4    Seen, heard and photographed.
American Goldfinch  2    Seen and heard.
American Tree Sparrow  1    Spotted by Warren. Got some okay views while it was on the ground in front of us. And then a great view when it flew out into the open. Rusty cap and eyeline. Gray face. Bicolored bill. Photos attached.
Savannah Sparrow  7    Stood within 6 feet of one bird. Couldn't believe it. He clearly knew I was there. He was looking right at me. And even allowed me to take his picture.
Song Sparrow  14    Seen, heard and photographed.
Palm Warbler  2    Unfortunately my still photos can't show the tail flicking.
Northern Cardinal  1    Seen and heard. Psit call.

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