Date: 11/4/19 5:35 pm
From: Don Henise <kiskadee3...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Coos/Curry Update
I've added photos of the Coos County Tropical Kingbird and Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher to my eBird lists:

On 11/4/2019 4:15 PM, Tim Rodenkirk wrote:
> I talked to Terry Wahl about the lack of Tropical Ks on Saturday- well
> that changed quickly! Terry reported the following birds today from
> the family ranch near Cape Blanco:
> the 2nd ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK of the fall at the ranch
> and of course PALM WARBLER
> He said he saw a SAY???S PHOEBE yesterday- hard to figure out how many
> of these he had had, one or two usually overwinter.
> Back in Coos, Robyn and Don Henise refound the Pony Slough TROPICAL
> KINGBIRD in same spot as yesterday. They also found Coos 5th BLUE-GRAY
> GNATCATCHER at the old Weyco settling pond site at N Spit Coos Bay.
> The spit was covered with fog and wind blowing when I got back from
> woods so didn???t try to chase my county nemesis bird.
> I did see two TVs in Myrtle Point on my way home- looks like birds
> will winter in that area again.
> For old timers who remember when Tropical Kingbird was a review
> species (removed in 2002) ??we had 6 accepted records in Coos from 2001
> and earlier. This fall???s Pony Slough bird is record #67 for the
> county- some of which involved multiple birds- wow! This accounts for
> birds that stayed around for a while too so anywho that is 61 records
> (more actual birds) in the last 18 years-wowzer!!!!
> Tim R
> in sunny Coos Bay

Don Henise

Myrtle Point, OR

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