Date: 11/4/19 5:28 pm
From: john haycraft <jchaycraft...>
Subject: [cobirds] SBDO or LBDO, Douglas County
Struggling a bit with a species ID. Had a suspected juvenile Short-billed
Dowitcher and female Long-billed Dowitcher (molting juvenile) at the Plum
Creek Delta at Chatfield SP on Sunday. Overall, I have a strong impression
that these birds are not the same species, but I could be convinced that
I'm looking at a female and male LBDO. Would appreciate any input.
Checklist link, notes, and photos below.

John Haycraft
Denver, CO

Link to checklist:

Checklist notes on the suspected SBDO:
Not 100% confident on the SBDO call, but we do feel confident that the
larger bird (with longer bill) is a female LBDO in Autumn molt. Neither
bird appears to be in winter plumage.
Molt may have just begun for the suspected SBDO. Upper back in ML186040291
and ML186040321 appear to be more consistent with non-molting SBDO
juvenile, but molting is shown in ML186040381 and ML186040391. Bird is
slightly smaller in all pics (not sure that's informative given that sex is
unknown); has more reddish tint at throat; has less/weaker markings on
sides; has darker tail (molting LBDOs appear to have grayer tails); has
extensive white underneath (but this doesn't exclude molting juvenile
LBDO). Internal bars/stripes on tertials are not observed but we found bird
app photos of SBDO juveniles that also do not show SBDO bars/stripes on

[image: _MG_8703 (2).jpg]

[image: _MG_8717 (2).JPG]

[image: _MG_8716 (2).JPG]

[image: _MG_8713 (2).JPG]

[image: _MG_8712 (2).JPG]

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