Date: 11/4/19 12:55 pm
From: Terry Davis <terkchip...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Two Today!
Noise-loving RTHU. Interesting stuff, Nan!

There were two fem-type RTHU in my yard yesterday. Today I saw one. As yours, they’re not using feeders at all. Mexican sunflower, Turks cap, Salvia guaranitica and S microphylla “hot lips” and Mexican cigar seem to be what they’re using most- in about that order.

FOF Dark-eyed Junco flew by calling, giving its soft “titititit” on 11-01, then multiples of Chipping Sparrow (also FOF at this location) on 11-02-03. WTSP has also picked up somewhat in number.
There is at least one juv-plumaged (probable female) Cooper’s Hawk terrorizing the larger passerines as well. One Monarch remained yesterday

Good hummering/ birding!

Terry Davis
Bossier City, La

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> On Nov 4, 2019, at 12:52 PM, Nancy L Newfield <nancy...> wrote:
> Hummingbirders,
> It really is not too surprising to see a couple of Ruby-throated
> Hummingbirds here in southeastern Louisiana as we move into the fall
> season. However, the circumstances are a bit unusual!
> On Thursday and Friday of last week our 29-year-old deck was torn down and
> hauled away. This morning, 2 carpenters started work on a new deck with
> all the attendant noise of workmen using hammers and saws. Yet, 2 immature
> male Ruby-throateds are continuing to visit the flowers even though there
> are just as many good flowers in the much quieter front yard. Feeders both
> places are just ignored.
> *Iron Nan*
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