Date: 11/4/19 9:02 am
From: <adamus7...>
Subject: [obol] Northern Mockingbird - Polk Co.
Over the weekend I did short walks or point counts, and eBirded everything I
found, from 18 locations that hadn't been birded in any previous Novembers
in Benton and Polk Counties according to the maps I linked to from here
recently. All spots were in my CBC circle so this served the extra purpose
of scouting part of that. Near Airlie I stumbled upon a Northern
Mockingbird in a small patch of brush surrounded by hundreds of acres of ag
fields. It was 0.5 mile north of Airlie Road on Saurkraut Road (gotta love
that name!). Also tried to view the gulls at the Coffin Butte landfill
north of Corvallis but couldn't detect anything unusual, though too far away
this time to confidently ID most birds even with a scope. A few Tundra
Swans and a variety of ducks were at the pond on De Armond Road.

Paul Adamus

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