Date: 11/3/19 8:29 am
From: L Larson <0000057b603ab9b2-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Missing Jersey Birds Posts
This is especially for people who use Comcast as their mail provider, or who have friends who do.

We recently posted an alert about missing Jerseybirds emails. We have a little more information. Unfortunately, if you are affected you may not get these messages. So we ask Jerseybirds members to share this with your friends, for example by forwarding this message if you know someone who has Comcast service.

Comcast users do seem to be the affected group. We have been able to confirm that people who get email through other service providers are not missing messages. We have confirmed with the Princeton site admin that there is nothing unusual going on and no system or network issues at Princeton, so the messages ARE being distributed.

What clues we have involve users who changed the spam folder configurations on their Comcast mail, and solved the problem. But since there are so many possible combinations of mail and web software that people use to get their messages, it's impossible for the list owners to provide instructions on how to do that.

Here's what to try:

1. Try to re-set the spam filtering configuration on your e-mail, using whatever help documentation is available for you.

2. To confirm whether your changes work, you can see what messages have been sent from Princeton by going to this link:
You may be asked to set a Listserv password to get to this link. Don't worry, Princeton doesn't collect any personal information about your server use.

3. Please call Comcast's help/support number and report the problem. You can also ask for assistance in troubleshooting your anti-spam settings.
Be sure to tell them this is a University Listserv list that is apparently being blocked by the default spam filters. The University is extremely careful to try to insure no spam is distributed. But many systems seem to react negatively to Listserv email because it comes from one address to many users and superficially looks like spam.

The fact that ALL our complaints come from Comcast users strongly suggest that changes have been made on their side. They need to know about this. If nobody reports problems, they will not be able to fix them. And (important) ONLY YOU can report them. The listowners can't do this for you.

4. More information will help us solve the issues faster. If you get your mail working it would be very helpful if you let us know what worked. If you know a Comcast user who is affected, you can suggest that they either follow these same steps, or to get in touch with the listowners for information. (<Jerseybi-request...> <mailto:<Jerseybi-request...>)

Thank you very much, and good birding.

Laurie Larson
Lumberton NJ

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