Date: 11/2/19 5:16 pm
From: David Bernstein <jackstraw1963...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Union/ Hudson County Brown Pelican
Hi folks,

Marciante Jackson-Millet Park in Elizabeth is the best spot in Union County for waterfowl. The park had been closed for the last six months because it was slowly sinking into the Arthur Kill. Repairs were finally completed last week and I made my way over hoping to see a Horned Grebe or three, some Loons and returning Brant.

I did see some Horned Grebe, Brant, a pair of Common Loon. A Bonaparte’s Gull, rare for the county flew by me. A Lesser black backed Gull, a Union County bird for me made my day and I was about to pack up when I decided to take one last scan.

A Brown Pelican perched fifty yards away made my jaw drop. Pictures first. Text second. The Pelican showed nicely for five or seven minutes until it picked up, flew at eye level by me and headed north towards the Jersey Gardens Mall where it headed east to Bayonne and landed in the vicinity of the Old Trestle where it was ultimately found resting comfortably by Chris Takacs and several other birders.

At the risk of inviting ridicule, my wife and I are big Pokemon Go players. We participated in an afternoon event called “A Colossal Discovery.” It was great fun but for me, the colossal discovery was the Brown Pelican, county birding at its finest.

Good birding!

David S. Bernstein
Berkeley Heights, NJ

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