Date: 11/2/19 6:13 am
From: Karen Idoine <kidoine...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Backyard feeding frenzy
We, too, have witnessed several large flocks of mixed blackbirds jostling loudly among the trees at the edge of the field and beaver pond. I counted well over a hundred birds while many more perched unseen in the still leafy trees. We have no feeders out, as the bears have yet to den. A big flock passed through at the beginning of the week and another the week before. They’ll return, ravenous and looking for corn in March!

Karen Idoine
Wendell, MA

> On Oct 31, 2019, at 10:10 AM, <dave.williams6...> wrote:
> At 9:12 this morning, my wife called to me to come look at all the birds in the yard. Over the next 15 minutes a huge flock of Common Grackles, with a few Starlings and Red-winged blackbirds mixed in, took over the neighborhood. At times the noise this flock generated was amazing!
> At the flocks peak, I fairly accurately counted 137 Grackles, 11 Starlings, and 3 Red-winged blackbirds. I have only two feeding stations set up right now, and many birds in this flock just attacked these. The rest of the birds were spread over the yards and driveways of five of my neighbor's. The birds were working theses grassy backyards aggressively, flipping over leaves, looking for food. My recently tilled vegetable garden also provided fodder for these birds.
> When a car would go by, there would be a big " whoose" as the majority of the birds flew up into adjacent trees. Seconds latter they would descend back down onto their feeding grounds. This feeding frenzy lasted for just about 15 minutes, when the bulk of the flock took off. As I write this, there still remains about 25 birds.
> Dave Williams
> Reading, MA
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